The Dangers of Lyme Disease

The Dangers of Lyme Disease for Pets

Lyme disease is an extremely dangerous disease that is passed to both pets and humans through the bite of a deer tick. Deer ticks can be picked up anywhere there is underbrush, trees, or grass and are commonly found in parks, wooded areas, yards, and campgrounds. Avoiding these areas is not feasible or necessary, but there are other ways to protect your pet. We recommend:

  • Keeping your pet on a pest preventive all year round
  • Use a pet-safe pest killer in your yard to minimize the risk of ticks at home
  • Check your pet over carefully, especially in warm areas of the body such as the neck, belly, thighs, ears, etc., to determine if a tick has attached itself to your pet
  • Understand the proper method to remove a tick from your pet—we can teach you at our animal hospital if you contact us for assistance

Protecting your pet from Lyme disease can be as simple as protecting your pet from tick bites. Talk with us today to ensure that your pet has the best tick preventive for their needs.

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