5 Tips for Traveling with a Pet

Tips for Traveling with a Pet

Planning a flight or road trip with your pet this winter? Traveling with a pet can be fun, but it can also be nerve-wracking if you’re not prepared. The team at Kootenai Animal Hospital wants your pet to be safe during your trip, just as much as you do. That’s why we’ve provided the following tips for traveling with a pet so you both can have a safe, peaceful journey.


Know the Fees for Air Travel

Most airlines charge a fee to bring a pet on their planes, which is usually around $100 each way, so be prepared for that. You can find his information on your airline’s website. Airlines typically also require that you book your pet’s flight at the same time you book your own, but they may give the option to add your pet as a passenger later.


Make Sure Your Pet’s Vaccinations Are Updated

Even if you’re not traveling anywhere, it’s always important to keep your pet’s vaccinations updated to protect them from viruses and diseases. For airline travel—especially international travel—many airlines require proof of your pet’s vaccinations in the form of a health certificate. If your pet’s vaccinations aren’t updated, or if a health certificate is required, schedule an appointment at Kootenai Animal Hospital.


Choose Your Pet Carrier Wisely

Regardless of how you’ll be traveling, choose a carrier that’s comfortable and spacious for your dog or cat. They should be able to easily turn around in the carrier. Keep in mind that all airlines have dimension limits for pet carriers in the cabin, so if your pet will be your carryon, make sure the carrier meets these requirements.


Make Sure Your Pet Has ID

Of course, one of the last things you want to happen on your trip is losing your pet. So whether it’s a permanent microchip or an ID tag (both would be ideal), always make sure your pet has ID when you travel. You may also want to have a recent photo of your pet handy, whether it’s in your phone or a physical copy.


Expect the Unexpected

In case of an emergency, it’s always a good idea to have a pet emergency kit with you when you travel. We recommend that you also get familiar with the locations of the emergency veterinarians near your final destination, in case you need their services during your trip.

And if you determine that traveling with your pet is NOT the best decision, remember that Kootenai Animal Hospital offers boarding for dogs and cats. If you have questions about these travel tips or would like to book a boarding stay, give us a call at 208-773-6000.