Kootenai Pet Owners Give Back

Donations For Veterinary CareAt Kootenai Animal Hospital, we love being able to help out patients in need, and we understand that sometimes the financial strain of a pet emergency can be a little bit too much on the family wallet. For this reason, we have always made it a priority to keep donation money from our generous clients set aside for those families that are unable to provide much needed care to their pets.

Izzy, A Pet In Need

Meet Izzy, a sweet pug who belongs to our client Tori Tickle who was brought into our office in November of 2011. She was coughing and desperately needed medication to help him feel better! We were able to take from our donation money to give Izzy the care she needed.

Not too long ago, Tori’s young daughter came into our practice to make a donation to our fund. We were blown away by her generosity and her desire to give back. Her donation will help to pay forward the care that her pet received in 2011 and allow another pet in need to get the medical treatment that is out of their family’s reach.

We are so grateful for our generous and big-hearted clients. It is your kindness that makes what we do such a pleasure!